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Jan 2 2019
Ottawa - Last month I posted a picture of a Tree Sparrow but I couldn't confirm until now that the number of winter visitors this year are way down from what we can expect. With Christmas bird counts almost complete for another year, results are showing low to record low numbers across Ontario. I'm not sure why that is. It doesn't suggest that there is anything disastrous happening with the species but it is a curiosity. We'll see this time next year if the numbers return to normal.
Jan 3 2019
Dec 5 2018
Dec 16 2018
Jan 1 2018
Feb 5 2018
Jan 30 2017
Chateauguay - Île Saint-Bernard. With virtually no winter finches to see, birds such as the Tree Sparrow offer some relief for weary observers.
Feb 1 2017
May 7 2015
Long Point
Jul 12 2015
Mar 8 2014
On a cold winter like the last one it was not easy to find songbirds around... this one was in a flock just close to the Lake Erie shore!
Jul 1 2014
Jan 1 2014
winter plummage, outside normal range
Boundary Bay. Delta BC
We seem to get one or two each winter in this location. A treat for the west coast.
Jan 10 2014
Dec 10 2013
Dec 11 2013
Nov 14 2013
Nov 15 2013
Feb 16 2013
Seen on a chilly but sunny winter day in Bois Papineau, Laval.
Feb 17 2013