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winter plummage, multiple species
Sanderling approaching a Dunlin at Iona, Richmond, BC.
Jan 2 2023
Oct 7 2020
Ingleside - Continuing with the shorebird theme.
Oct 8 2020
Jan 1 1970
An uncommon vagrant to our shores but thought I had better include something familiar to your American viewers
Sep 11 2020
Apr 25 2020
It seemed that several of the Dunlin were resting and feeding at the same time...being careful with the incoming tide. Boundary Bay, BC.
Apr 27 2020
Apr 25 2020
In 30 years, I've never experience something like this. While hunkered down at the water's edge, well over a thousand Dunlin and other sandpipers started making their way towards me. Eventually, all I could hear was a chorus of "peeps" as the birds quickly followed the tide moving in...eventually surrounding me. It was like I was feeding with them at one point. I took a few photos and crawled away, making sure not to flush them on their journey of several thousand miles.
Apr 27 2020
Apr 25 2020
Up close with a Dunlin at Boundary Bay, BC.
Apr 27 2020
Dec 17 2019
adult, winter plummage
Presqu'ile Provincial Park - a very late individual
Dec 18 2019
May 26 2019
adult, summer plummage
Amherst Island - there were over 1,000 present that day. It was part of a fallout at multiple points along Lake Ontario.
Jun 3 2019
Dec 1 2018
winter plummage
Seen at Esquimalt Sanctuary. Victoria, BC
Dec 3 2018
May 27 2018
May 28 2018