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Mar 10 2020
Bajamono, Boquete.
Jan 2 2021
Mar 8 2020
On Chiriqui Lowland, taken from the car.
Jun 2 2020
May 21 2020
Morrisburg - I was in a field in a blind waiting for other quarry when this bird strolled by at close range. Worked for me :)
May 22 2020
Mar 10 2020
Chiriqui Province.
Apr 6 2020
Apr 2 2020
Apr 5 2020
Chiriqui Province
Mar 28 2020
Jun 12 2019
Amherst Island
Jun 13 2019
May 9 2019
Ingleside - I was not expecting to be posting another Meadowlark but this was too good to pass up. Being in a ground setting is a typical scene.
May 10 2019
male, adult
Morrisburg - A couple of weeks ago I was going to post a Meadowlark shot but it was distant and disappointing so I held off. I'm glad I waited. After years of trying I finally got lucky today with what for me has been a nearly impossible task; capturing this bird at a reasonable distance. This has been one of the toughest birds for me to photograph. It is very different in behaviour from its Western cousin, being very aloof.
May 6 2019
May 2 2018
Ingleside - This is the most difficult local bird for me to photograph. They are so skittish and uncooperative that I was shocked I got this shot, from the car. There must be a rule in the meadowlark playbook that says they are not to show their front plumage. :) I am jealous of Westerners who seem to have a much easier time with their meadowlark.
May 3 2018