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Mar 2 2019
An unexpected sighting at Maple Ridge, BC, Canada
Mar 4 2019
Feb 18 2018
male, hybrid
The male might be a Hybrid Eurasian/American Wigeon as the head is whitish. The female appears to me to be an American.

I saw a definite Male hybrid in the Okanagan recently and he had the White rather than Buffy head patch.
Apr 14 2018
Oct 29 2016
Blackie's Spit, Surrey BC
Nov 15 2016
Jun 15 2014
male, adult
Ottawa - I returned to the site below Parliament Hill to see if I could get a picture of this rare visitor on a sunny day. The weather cooperated and this time I was smart. I brought my zoom wide angle-short range telephoto for closeups as well as my longer lens. The bird did not disappoint. I had a ball with it for 45 minutes.
Jun 18 2014
Jun 8 2014
male, adult
Ottawa - this rarity has become a fixture in the shadow of Parliament Hill.
Jun 9 2014
Feb 25 2014
male, adult
Seen near Abashiri on Hokkaido Island, Japan.
Mar 4 2014
Feb 2 2014
Blackie's Spit, Surrey BC
Feb 4 2014
Nov 17 2013
Ambleside Park, West Vancouver BC
I think the female is also Eurasian, but difficult to tell for sure.
Nov 19 2013
Jun 16 2013
(referred to simply as a Wigeon in England) canal near Heaton's Bridge, Scarisbrick, Lancashire.
Oct 5 2013
Apr 1 2013
male, multiple species
Northview Golf Course, Surrey BC

There seem to be more of these mixed with American Wigeon each year.
Apr 5 2013