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Sep 7 2023
summer plummage
Sep 9 2023
Mar 9 2019
Couldn't resist taking this, especially that it's been ages since I uploaded one of these guys...
Mar 11 2019
Jun 8 2018
Inglewood Bird Sanctuary, Calgary AB
Not a bird I usually photograph, but this one caught my eye.
Aug 1 2018
Oct 5 2017
Embarcadero, San Francisco CA
Not a species I usually photograph but this was a unique setting.
Jan 7 2018
Mar 31 2015
Hope Airport, Hope BC
Not a bird I photograph often, but this setting was too good to pass up.
Apr 21 2015
Nov 30 2013
The European Starling was an introduced species to Australia. This particular bird is known locally as the "Common Starling".
Dec 2 2013
adult, winter plummage
Captured this flyby today in Ottawa.
Nov 29 2013
Sep 1 2013
L'Anse de Vaudreuil, QC. A Starling convention in Vaudreuil sur le lac.
Sep 2 2013
Oct 7 2012
Parc du Canal Beauharnois, (Qué).
While we were walking along the boardwalk, an invasion of Starlings came to roost in some near by trees.
Oct 8 2012