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Apr 8 2018
Seen at Bath Slough Trail, Richmond, BC.
Apr 9 2018
Nov 15 2017
Ottawa = This bird was very cooperative in terms of movement but tended to stay in the shadows behind branches.
Nov 16 2017
Oct 6 2017
Long Sault
Oct 13 2017
Dec 24 2016
Seen near Victoria Airport, BC, Canada
Dec 26 2016
Nov 21 2015
Only 5 photos of this difficult species on the site. On a dark day in a dark setting, it was challenging to get even this mediocre example. Seen at Sainte-Catherine in a stand of pines along with 2 others, and 2 Brown Creepers.
Nov 25 2015
Kingston - kinglets are notoriously challenging to photograph so I was shocked when I saw the result. I had no idea the bird cooperated so well.
Apr 25 2014
St. Rose - This little bird is a real challenge to photograph.
Oct 9 2013
Jan 1 2012
Delta Nature Reserve on the edge of Burns Bog
Couldn't get it to sit still for a clear shot.
Jan 2 2012
Presqu'ile Park, Ontario - April 2007
Jul 7 2007