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Sep 1 2021
summer plummage
Photo taken at the Graves Marsh land, St-Joachin, Quebec
Sep 2 2021
Nov 3 2019
Ottawa - I don't need more Yellowlegs pictures but I couldn't pass up this setting and the light. There is very little crop on this picture. The bird was close.
Nov 4 2019
Oct 16 2019
West Perth Wetlands
Oct 25 2019
Aug 21 2019
Ottawa - When a Peregrine swooped onto the beach, the shorebirds froze. This yellowlegs dropped into the water (which was only three inches deep) and at one point was barely above the surface, with only part of the head and back exposed. It remained in this position for 20 minutes after the falcon had moved on.
Aug 26 2019
Sep 28 2018
adult, winter plummage
Sep 29 2018
summer plummage
Taken at a far distance on the shore of the St-Lawrence River in Charlevoix,
Sep 27 2017
Sep 2 2017
Grand chevalier à pattes jaunes
Sainte-Martine, Quebec
Sep 20 2017
Sep 2 2017
Greater Yellowlegs
Sainte-Martine, Quebec

...at least, I think it's a greater yellowlegs! Turns out that identification is pretty darned difficult, and maybe someone here will be able to more positively figure this one out.

First, I have very little reference for this individual's relative size, this being my first time seeing any number of yellowlegs. However, I've settled on "greater" due to the bill length, the bill's color and the length of the primary feathers relative to the tail. Small indications I gathered off a website (https://www.thespruce.com/greater-or-lesser-yellowlegs-386349).
Sep 14 2017
Oct 9 2016
Reifel Bird Sanctuary, Delta BC
Nov 11 2016
Sep 6 2016
Ottawa-Shirley's Bay. Now that's something you don't see every day. The bird flipped this leech around for a couple of minutes trying to knock it out. It eventually swallowed it. Impressive.
Sep 7 2016