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summer plummage
Ile aux Coudres - Quebec Charlevoix region
Oct 11 2019
Jun 28 2015
Ferryland NL
Sep 2 2015
Jan 22 2006
adult, winter plummage
Of the European subspecies argentatus, very similar to the American in plumage, especially the adults.
Jul 14 2014
Mar 23 2010
Here an adult of the European subspecies (or maybe a distinct species) of the Herring Gull (argentatus). It looks very much the same as the American Herring Gull!
Jul 10 2014
Jul 6 2014
Beauharnois, QC.
These young Herring Gulls still had down along the back of their necks and were too young to know enough to run away from a photographer.
Jul 8 2014
Mar 21 2013
adult, winter plummage
Another Barnegat image.
Aug 15 2013
Mar 21 2013
adult, winter plummage
a photo taken at Barnegat Light. An excellent place to take bird photographs.
Aug 15 2013
Taken on the south shore of Nova Scotia
Aug 29 2010
Beauharnois Dam, Beauharnois, Quebec - 23 August 2008
Feb 4 2009
Jarvis Sound, Cape May, New Jersey - 24 October 2008
The gull played around with the starfish for a good ten minutes (dropping it twice) before working out how to get the arms aligned for a big gulp.
Oct 29 2008