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adult, winter plummage
Jan 9
Jan 9 2022
Magnificent Eagle decided to perch in a place where the Vancouver north shore mountains could be seen in behind. Taken at Boundary Bay.
Jan 12 2022
Mar 15 2018
My resident eagle who comes when I whistle
May 15 2021
Nov 15 2020
It's been a couple of years since I've had a Bald Eagle upload. Finally found some time to get out today. South Arm Marsh, Ladner, BC, Canada.
Nov 16 2020
Sep 11 2020
Presqu'ile Provincial Park
Sep 14 2020
Apr 2 2020
male, adult
Alfred - A pair, female on the right. The female is probably 4+ years old and almost fully adult.
Apr 5 2020
immature, winter plummage
Need ID Bradenton Fl.
Dec 30 2019
Sep 9 2019
Presqu'ile Provincial Park
Sep 15 2019
May 2 2019
Lancaster - While we have a few eagles in the area, photographing one is usually done at a distance so when one came soaring overhead, even on a dull day, it was an opportunity not to be missed.
May 3 2019