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Dec 28 2017
winter plummage, multiple species
Kingston - Wolfe Island
Dec 29 2017
Dec 14 2017
winter plummage
St. Rose - Part of a flock of a dozen. Look at its foot and you can see where the name comes from.
Dec 15 2017
Sep 24 2017
female, juvenile
Lighthouse Marine Park, Point Roberts Wa.
This would appear to be a first winter female according to my Sibley guide.
Nov 12 2017
Dec 20 2016
Dec 21 2016
Dec 29 2015
male, adult, winter plummage
St. Rose - Unlike the females and juveniles present, adult males were more difficult to approach. Most of the birds have since moved on.
Dec 31 2015
Dec 28 2015
St. Rose - small flocks of these birds moved in recently, about four dozen birds in total. Usually we have to struggle to find one in a flock of Snow Buntings. A couple of individuals were uncharacteristically cooperative, permitting close approach with the van.
Dec 29 2015
Apr 21 2015
Iona South Jetty, Iona Regional Park, Richmond BC
May 3 2015
Apr 21 2015
male, outside normal range
Iona South Jetty, Iona Regional Park, Richmond BC
May 3 2015
winter plummage
Kingston - After several failed efforts in recent weeks I finally found this bird alone.
Jan 16 2015
May 6 2014
male, summer plummage
Iona Regional Park, Richmond BC
May 30 2014