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Sep 10 2021
immature, outside normal range
Kingston - Not only is this bird far from its normal range, it is unusual to see one in this plumage this far north. Captured at first light.
Sep 17 2021
Jun 4 2021
adult, summer plummage, outside normal range
Kingston - What a treat seeing this bird. We had a false report near home the week before then this bird was confirmed. I spent quite a while observing and shooting, hoping for it to not be backlit. Only a few times over several hours did it move into good light.
Aug 8 2021
Mar 20 2017
I will leave you with a bird common to all North Americans.We had a lost Little Blue Heron on the West coast of SA which survived for 6 years before it disappeared. This is my last post for 4 weeks. We are off to photograph some Penguins (amongst others) on board the Silver Cloud travelling from Cape Horn (Ushuaia)to the Cape of Good Hope (Cape Town). enjoy some good bird viewing!
Feb 23 2020
Jan 3 2020
winter plummage
Not sure on the proper ID. Bradenton Fl.
Jan 4 2020
Feb 21 2018
Albrook. Panama City.
Jul 10 2018
Mar 22 2015
El Chaco, Paracas, Pisco Province.
Jan 31 2016
Shot taken at the Preserve Golf club, Bradenton, Fl.
Nov 30 2015
Mar 22 2015
This photo is taken on El Chaco Beach, Paracas, Pisco Province, Peru.
Apr 20 2015
Jan 17 2014
Seen at Tequesta, Florida, USA.
Jan 22 2014