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winter plummage
Robinson Preserve Manatee County, Bradenton, Fl.
Jan 8 2020
winter plummage
Tara Golf & Country Club Bradenton, FL.
Jan 3 2020
Hamilton - After a morning of not finding any of the birds I was looking for I spotted this individual in a park and quickly grabbed my camera.
Sep 19 2019
May 18 2019
adult, outside normal range
May 20 2019
Jun 26 2017
Jun 27 2017
Jul 7 2016
Napanee - the repertoire of this bird was incredible. It did virtually perfect songs of Tufted Titmouse, Blue Jay (two different calls), Eastern Phoebe and the call of a Kingfisher in addition to its own call notes. There were others too but these were the best. Practise makes perfect they say. If you closed your eyes you could not distinguish the calls as not being the real thing. We found this bird while looking for a Tufted Titmouse that was calling. That was one big titmouse :)
Jul 8 2016
Jan 1 2016
Delta BC
This bird has been in the Ladner township of Delta for a couple of months. Not your ordinary Lower mainland bird.
Jan 24 2016
unknown, need identification
Taken at the 3rd tee-off at the Preserve Golf Club
Bradenton, florida.
Not the best shot.
Dec 1 2015
May 14 2012
Long Point Provincial Park
May 23 2012
Mar 10 2012
Seen in Louisiana
Mar 17 2012