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Jan 23 2015
Another Holarctic vagrant with most records thought to be escapee's
Feb 14 2020
Apr 22 2019
male, adult
Ottawa - We were wondering if we were ever going to see this species this spring but they seem to have come in over the weekend. Getting somewhat close to this bird is tough in our region so this was a real treat.
Apr 23 2019
Jun 9 2018
It was a surprise to stumble upon the area around Lake Newell, Alberta teeming with birds, from Redheads, Canvasbacks, Ruddy Ducks, Shovelers, Teals, Scaup, Brewer's, Vesper and Clay-coloured Sparrows, Meadowlarks, Longspurs, Larks, Willets, Avocets, Stilts, Upland Sandpipers, Ibis, Pelicans...almost too much to take in in one morning. What a special area.
Jun 14 2018
Mar 31 2018
Reifel Bird Sanctuary, Delta BC
May 1 2018
Apr 19 2018
male, adult
Ingleside - Tough bird for us to shoot. We don't get many and they are always too far away. Very lucky on this one.
Apr 20 2018
Feb 18 2018
Reifel Bird Sanctuary, Delta BC
Apr 14 2018
male, winter plummage
Jan 21 2018
May 31 2015
male, adult
St. Albert
Jun 3 2015
Jan 20 2015
male, adult
Ottawa - a real rarity in winter. Those are not water droplets, it's ice.
Jan 26 2015
Dec 26 2014
female, adult
Dec 27 2014