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Mar 21 2021
male, adult
Ottawa - A rare winter visitor for us. They get one or two each winter, one of the very few in Ontario.
Mar 24 2021
Feb 20 2021
2021 has certainly started well. With few opportunities to get out, we have been very lucky. This instance at Burrard Inlet Vancouver required some waiting for rays of light in between the trees in behind. Not sure if it a camera effect but the unedited colouring is seen here and appeared more greenish/turquoise than I remember for this species.
Feb 28 2021
male, adult, outside normal range
Long Sault - I returned to the area to try for a male that had been seen with the female. I found it and after quite some time it swam close enough to the road that I was able to get good shots.
Dec 12 2020
female, adult, outside normal range
Long Sault - The noticeable differences between the Barrow's female and the Common Goldeneye are a shorter bill that is yellow or yellow-orange, a more vertical head profile and darker head plumage. The head darkness is harder to separate from the Common in dull light.
Dec 10 2020
Nov 29 2020
male, adult
Ottawa - One or two birds traditionally winter in Ottawa. I waited a while for this bird to swim close enough for a decent shot. This coastal species is an annual rarity in Ontario, with normally only a few reports each winter.
Nov 30 2020
Feb 5 2020
male, adult
Feb 6 2020
Dec 31 2017
multiple species
A few friends fishing together :)
North Saanich, BC, Canada.
Jan 3 2018
Mar 30 2017
male, adult
Ottawa - male displaying
Apr 1 2017