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Jan 1 1970
Another summer vagrant to our country. We get the odd visitor every couple of years or so
Sep 4 2020
May 10 2020
A few of this species have been passing through Delta BC. Such an incredible pattern and colour. It's unfortunate that getting any closer would have flushed the bird and was impossible.
May 13 2020
Feb 25 2016
Pak Thale.
Dec 15 2016
Feb 25 2016
Pak Thale, Phetchaburi Province.
Jul 31 2016
Feb 25 2016
Pak Thale,Thailand
Jul 9 2016
Feb 25 2016
Pak Thale, Phetchaburi Province.
Jun 14 2016
Mar 15 2013
adult, winter plummage
This is a migratory water bird from North (Siberia and Alaska) in Taiwan. It appears near the seaside rocks and beaches in group.
Oct 7 2015
Nov 1 2014
winter plummage
Near Boundary Bay, Delta BC
This was a lifer for me and a first for this site. I was too far away to get a clear photo with my camera, so I used my Spotting Scope and IPhone to get this shot. Not the best, but satisfying.
Nov 5 2014