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female, adult, summer plummage
May 30 2019
May 13 2018
long Point Provincial Park
May 25 2018
May 24 2018
I couldn't resist taking him - even though he'd been quite flustered all evening. Iona, BC, Canada.
May 25 2018
May 1 2018
male, adult
Ingleside - Only a Red-wing but I liked the way the tail fanned.
May 2 2018
Apr 14 2018
Spring is definitely here. The number of displays I've seen in recent days is stunning. Iona Regional Park, Vancouver.
Apr 16 2018
Jan 13 2018
male, winter plummage
River Road, Ladner BC
I visited a residence where a pair of Mountain Chickadees had been reported. The people there were willing to let visitors into their backyard. I think the Chickadees had move on by this time, but I got this shot among others of common feeder birds. This one was a happy accident.
Feb 18 2018
Jan 27 2018
Reifel Bird Sanctuary, Delta BC
You never know what you will see at Reifel. With hundreds of visitors on the weekends, many who are just there to feed the birds.
Feb 17 2018
May 2 2015
male, adult
I didn't have any uploads of male Red-winged Blackbirds until now. This was by far and away the most abundant bird at Point Pelee, with the morning chorus almost deafening!
May 5 2015