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Jul 10 2021
The luckiest birding moment of 2021 without a doubt. Mother and father crane had just caught a vole, and fed the young crane in front of us. The Reifel Bird Sanctuary biologist had to keep all visitors back as this spectacle unfolded.
Jul 30
Jul 10 2021
Well this isn't an angle you see everyday. Mom's eye view of a Sandhill Crane youngster. Mom is at the bottom of the photo looking down.
Jul 30
Jul 10 2021
Reifel Bird Sanctuary, Delta, BC
Jul 30
Jul 10 2021
outside normal range
Seen at the Reifel Bird Sanctuary.
Jul 30
Jun 18 2021
Cooper Marsh.
Jun 19
Jun 3 2020
Algoma District - Caught in morning light.
Jun 5 2020
Feb 27 2019
A bird you will all be familiar with. We saw two vagrant Sandhills in Kyushu and one Common Crane. Just occasionally you get a Demoiselle and every 10 years or so a Siberian Crane pitches up - a bird I would just love to see
Jan 8 2020
winter plummage
Tara Country Golf club, Bradenton, FL.
Jan 6 2020
Tara Golf & Country Club Bradenton, FL.
Jan 3 2020