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Sep 13 2021
immature, outside normal range
Aylmer - The aerobatic ability of this species is amazing to watch. It can turn on a dime by simply tilting its tail without adjusting its wings. It saw the Monarch but passed it by, either knowing instinctively that this was not desirable prey or it learned the hard way.
Sep 26
Aug 7 2020
Near Luther Marsh - This striking bird has been around since at least July 23. I made the lengthy trip into southcentral Ontario and wasn't disappointed. Most are seeing it at a distance, often quite far so having it fly overhead, even briefly, was a real treat and worth the trip.
Aug 10 2020
outside normal range
Wasaga Beach - the birds eat large insects like grasshoppers and dragonflies.
Aug 30 2018
Aug 29 2018
outside normal range
Wasaga Beach - The bird has been present for a few days.
Aug 30 2018
Mar 27 2010
Apr 11 2010