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Jul 13 2017
Camden East - drying out after a recent shower. Note the eye-ring is yellowish rather than red of an adult.
Jul 14 2017
May 15 2016
Seen at Long Point, Ontario.
Jun 5 2016
Aug 10 2015
St. Isidore- I've had little luck with this species but today this bird sat in a tree for about 10 minutes.
Aug 11 2015
May 13 2014
This bird was caught in the banding station in Long Point Bird Observatory for banding purpose. Even though it is hand held ,it is so beautiful and is worth sharing.
May 24 2014
Jul 7 2009
On a bug infested walk along the bic path out of Ayer's Cliff, I spotted this bird in some distant shrubs. Couldn't get closer. From the shape, I thought I saw a cuckoo, but didn't know we had them here. I was somewhat confused till I got to see the book. Requested by S.B.
Fr. Coulicou a bec noir
Dec 10 2009