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May 8 2023
Point Pelee National Park - What a treat to have a chance to see this night bird at close range and only 18" off the ground.
May 23
May 8 2022
Point Pelee National Park - What a treat to find one along a trail. The bird was heard calling on a few evenings but is a migrant species here. It was perched only 8 inches above the ground.
May 15 2022
May 2 2015
My first time seeing a Whip-poor-will. This bird caused confusion with the experts, as it's wings were crossed at the back, leading folks to believe it was a Common Nighthawk. After further study they determined it was in fact a Whip-poor-will. Seen at Point Pelee, Canada.
May 5 2015
May 16 2009
This bird was pointed out by one of the banders at Long Point Bird Observatory,
It was a very dark day so this is the best I could get.
Long Point,
Jun 15 2009