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Jan 8 2022
multiple species
Somebody walking by the Boundary Bay Dyke decided to leave some seeds on a stump. It was special to see 4 species of Sparrows amongst other birds in such close quarters.
Jan 9
Jan 7 2022
This little one was looking for suet but had to wait his turn until the Flicker was done. Delta, BC.
Jan 8
Jan 7 2022
This species is funny to watch. He sticks out like a sore thumb, but is quite shy and often just sits for awhile watching other birds feed. Delta, BC
Jan 8
Jan 4 2022
Kingston - Wolfe Island. We had great luck with four Short-eared Owls today.
Jan 5
Dec 29 2021
male, adult, outside normal range
Constance Bay - A few Black-backs venture south of their boreal habitat in winter but they remain a rare visitor. They are usually found in forests with red or jack pine and work on dead or dying trees. I have seen a few and heard more over the years but never had a chance to get decent photos. This bird took hours to track down but in the end I got plenty of good shots. However, getting the forehead patch of the male to show was extremely challenging. If you don't see it, the bird looks like a female.
Dec 30 2021
Jul 9 2021
summer plummage
Taken in Pointe Yamachiche.
on a very dull day
Dec 30 2021
May 12 2021
male, adult
# Montreal Technoparc
# spring migration
Dec 28 2021