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May 12 2024
Long Point Provincial Park.
Jun 24
May 12 2024
Long Point Provincial Park.
May 26
May 11 2023
male, adult, summer plummage
#Long Point Bird Observatory
Jan 10
May 13 2023
I've been attempting for months to get back to the review of photos from earlier this year. Various things have prevented that until now. Happy to see our migratory friends again. Long Point, Ontario.
Nov 28 2023
Jun 6 2022
male, adult
The bird was on territory and I was able to get it from my car. I thought I had some fairly good shots at Point Pelee but this turned out even better.
Jun 7 2022
Sep 14 2020
Oct 24 2020
May 22 2020
Ile Perrot.
Jul 19 2020