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immature, outside normal range
Ingleside - This out of range Florida bird has been around for weeks and with leaves gone it has been easier to find. Last night we had a hard freeze which had the bird not in its usual area. You won't see many shots of this species enjoying a Canadian winter. It is very healthy at this time and can fly no problem. It is feeding on dead fish, a frog (when it was warmer) aquatic vegetation and wild grapes. Those huge feet allow it to move very easily on the ice. Attempts by others to retrieve the bird so it can overwinter in a rehabilitation facility failed today. It is still too healthy and eluded its captors.
Nov 21
Nov 16 2023
Erieau - I had tried a number of times this fall to find the species in various areas but failed until this day. Living up to its reputation, the bird was wonderfully cooperative. I did not approach it, the bird was simply very close when I found it, almost stumbling over it in a dark corner of a breakwater. Thankfully it later went into the light.
Nov 20
Nov 10 2023
Cornwall - I had another encounter with a Fox Sparrow locally. This large, attractive species is a treat to observe.
Nov 13
Nov 10 2023
Long Sault - This is an uncommon fall migrant. She swam very close to a bridge and thankfully there was a pull off on the bridge. I was able to safely crouch down and wait until she swam closer.
Nov 11
Nov 2 2023
Ottawa - Only a few of these large shorebirds show up in the area in the fall. It is amazing to watch it feeding, often sticking its head far into the water and into soft mud, probing for invertebrates and small worms.
Nov 3
Oct 29 2023
La Passe - Flocks of cranes were feeding in fields where corn had been recently harvested.
Oct 30
Hermit Thrush (30)
Oct 19 2023
Long Sault Parkway - It was late in the day and I was shooting against a lifeless sky but it sure makes the bird stand out.
Oct 20
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