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adult, summer plummage
Jul 5 2020
Sep 7 2010
Coastal crows in the West are difficult to assign to a species... but I've been told that the ones in Seattle are still American, so I'll go with it!
Jul 6 2014
Nov 28 2013
Chesterville - It hardly seems worthwhile taking a picture of a Crow but this bird piqued my curiosity. It spent a few minutes working on a partial cob of corn then flew away with its prize.
Dec 1 2013
Sep 9 2011
adult, summer plummage
Nov 10 2011
Aug 1 2009
Saint-Gabriel-de-Brandon, Québec - 01 August 2009
I caught this as the crow flew towards the sun. I just had time to take one shot before getting sun flare. As luck would have it the shot shows the contrasting color of the upper palate that isn't often seen. Just a touch of color to an otherwise mostly duotone photo.
Aug 8 2009
American Crow,
June 19,2009
Morgan Arboretum,
Jun 19 2009
Apr 6 2021
American Crows,
St. Lazare,
Jul 10 2008
Bois-De Liesse
Nov 25 2007