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May 18 2021
# Technoparc Montreal
May 24
Here is the female on the nest.
May 26 2019
May 21 2019
This is to give some perspective on the speed at which it was build. It took the Robin 12 hours to built this and another 12 before the nest was fully completed. Four days after starting, the first egg appeared.
May 26 2019
Egg number 3 in the Robin's nest outside my front door.
May 26 2019
May 25 2019
Egg number 2 in the Robin's nest beside my front door.
May 26 2019
Robin's next outside my front door. It was built in about 48 hours and had an egg just a day after completion.
May 24 2019
Feb 7 2019
male, adult
Ingleside - I thought this might put us in a more spring-like mood. This was one of a small flock of overwintering birds. A month from now I would consider them early migrants.
Feb 8 2019
May 17 2018
adult, nest
This mother worked diligently to feed this family of 4.
Hope they all made it.
Port Rowan,Ontario
Jun 13 2018
juvenile, nest
At Port Rowan, Ontario. 2 of the 4 eggs hatched last night during a thunderstorm.
May 15 2018
May 13 2015
Long Point Provincial Park. Norfolk County.
Dec 23 2015