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Jun 17 2024
juvenile, outside normal range
After all the recent spectacular shots - this may seem a bit underwhelming. However, a record shot (shot for personal reasons). We had a Robin's nest in the backyard this year. The eggs were still unhatched June 1st. Incredibly by June 17th, this was one of at least 3 birds that fledged. It was stressful. The Robin parents (espcially the mother) were calling out every day, most hours of the day as if a predator was around. Although we did see Racoons and cats on occasion, most of the time it almost seemed as a tactic to distract. After hatching, we were keeping an eye from the window on the numerous crows in the area. This particular photo was one of the fledglings about 20 ft up in a cherry tree some 30 yards from the nest. They stayed well-hidden, and almost silent except for some high-pitched sounds to let the parents know where they were. The speed at which they went from hatching to this photo (just about 2 weeks) was stagerring - though I haven't studied biology and so I presume that is standard :)
Delta, BC
Jul 1
Feb 16 2022
male, adult
Ottawa - This shot begs for a caption. A couple that come to mind are 'sushi on the menu tonight' and 'ice fishing is for the birds'. Overwintering Robins were taking advantage of a small pool of open water with an abundant supply of minnows. They were very good at it but I only saw it happen twice. Others have seen it at this location for a few weeks. Protein is in short supply these days and you'd get tired of frozen fruit too.
Feb 17 2022
May 18 2021
# Technoparc Montreal
May 24 2021
Here is the female on the nest.
May 26 2019
May 21 2019
This is to give some perspective on the speed at which it was build. It took the Robin 12 hours to built this and another 12 before the nest was fully completed. Four days after starting, the first egg appeared.
May 26 2019
Egg number 3 in the Robin's nest outside my front door.
May 26 2019
May 25 2019
Egg number 2 in the Robin's nest beside my front door.
May 26 2019
Robin's next outside my front door. It was built in about 48 hours and had an egg just a day after completion.
May 24 2019