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summer plummage
Sep 14 2021
Mar 24 2019
Yellowknife could be named City of the Soaring Raven...in an area so challenging for wildlife, the Raven seems to thrive.
Mar 26 2019
Mar 24 2019
At Yellowknife, NWT.
Mar 26 2019
Nov 4 2016
Only a few Ravens have been uploaded. I find this species to be fascinating to watch. We were lucky to have a family of up to 6 this year at the airport. The most recent action was last week when a Peregrine Falcon and 2 Ravens entered into an aerial display for a couple of hours over the airport field. This one is seen a few seconds before sundown at Dorval, Quebec.
Nov 7 2016
Jun 17 2016
I'm happy to report that 2 adult Ravens have successfully nested at the airport in Dorval, Quebec. They have raised 2 young birds as well, which have been out of the nest and flying for several weeks now.
Jun 24 2016
Dec 19 2015
male, adult
Taken during the Christmas Bird Count at Dorval, Quebec, Canada. I've been seeing a pair of Ravens nearly every week for the past couple of years - was finally able to get a decent photo - which I'm assuming is a male and female. We did however see 2 single Ravens later in the day.
Dec 20 2015
Apr 5 2015
Princeton BC
On my way home from the Okanagan. Some kind of conflict was going on with these Ravens, perhaps a family squabble.
Apr 26 2015
Jul 6 2014
Seen at the fault line at Thingvellir National Park, Iceland.
Jul 11 2014
Sep 18 2010
Ravens were joining people in admiring the nature wonder of the Old Faithful in Yellowstone!
Jul 6 2014
Nov 28 2013
Nov 29 2013