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Feb 16 2020
There are now 46 Cooper's Hawks uploaded - but you never get tired of seeing them. Photo or in person :)
Feb 17 2020
immature, winter plummage
Bradenton, Fl
Dec 29 2019
immature, winter plummage
Bradenton Fl.
Dec 29 2019
Aug 23 2018
Cooper Marsh,Lancaster
Aug 24 2018
Jan 21 2018
Help! After a long search through many images and discussions on the internet, I've come to the conclusion this is a Cooper's Hawk. However I've read lots of information that seems to contradict that conclusion. The main reason I think this is a Cooper's Hawk and not a Goshawk: the relatively thinner tail. The white superciliary line, heavy streaking down to the legs, large size seemed to indicate Goshawk at first, but when looking at the only Goshawk photo I've uploaded on Birdviewing, this bird seems different. There is a lot of variability in the images on the internet.
Jan 22 2018
Dec 25 2017
male, adult
The 41st Cooper's Hawk on Birdviewing wishes everyone a Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas from No7 Road in Richmond, BC, Canada.
Dec 26 2017
Dec 30 2016
Brunswick Point, Delta BC
Jan 30 2017
Sep 25 2016
male, juvenile
Cornwall - It was a juvenile (yellow eye) and I determined it was a male based on smaller size and shorter tail but clearly a Cooper's and not a Sharpie with that rounded tail.
Oct 2 2016
Aug 15 2016
Backyard, Pointe Claire.
Aug 16 2016
May 6 2016
Seen hunting in the late afternoon at the airport in Dorval.
May 7 2016