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May 31 2014
Another common Heron found everywhere in Africa
Feb 23 2020
Aug 24 2016
Herons are all and about in the Okavango delta!
Jan 5 2017
Feb 25 2016
King Project, Phetchaburi Province.
Apr 30 2016
Jan 16 2016
adult, winter plummage
This is a very large water bird and distributes widely in Asia and Europe, a counterpart of blue heron in North America. Always near the fresh water area, either river or lake. It looks blue when it took a flight, but it looks grey with black patches when it stands near the water, unlike blue heron with blue patch on the head and shoulder. The bill look more rosy-yellow on both beaks.
Feb 11 2016
Jun 16 2013
along the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, near Halsall, Lancashire
Jun 17 2013
Jan 2 2013
Seen at the Karmali Railway Station, Old Goa, India.
Feb 24 2013
adult, nest
I stumbled upon a heronry just west of Frankfurt on the Main River. Then a Buzzard flew in and 15 herons when up together and alighted on the banks below.
Jan 15 2012
Sep 15 2009
Jardin des Tuileries
Paris, France
September 15,2009
My first good bird sighting in Paris.
Sep 17 2009