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Feb 17 2021
male, adult
Boucherville - Now we have the species covered in the West and the East.
Mar 27 2021
Feb 13 2021
I'm surprised we have so few House Finch uploads. Delta, BC during a snowfall.
Mar 26 2021
Nov 7 2020
This poor little guy gets little attention. Same number of uploads as Trumpeter Swans! THe great thing about bird photography - it never gets old, even the common ones. Boundary Bay.
Nov 8 2020
Jun 3 2018
male, multiple species
One could be forgiven at first glance to think there was a pair of House Finch's on Sue and Ahmad's feeder at Long Point - however this female is a Purple Finch mixing things up.
Jun 4 2018
Apr 8 2018
I'm surprised there are almost twice as many Marsh Wrens uploaded as House Finches! At Bath Slough Trail, Richmond, BC.
Apr 9 2018
Sep 26 2017
Backyard, North Delta BC
We feed birds year round and often have Finches through the winter.
Nov 12 2017
May 8 2016
Long Point Bird Observatory.
Nov 19 2016
Nov 1 2014
Pointe Claire.
Nov 9 2014
male, adult
I don't know what this bird is .if anyone can tell me I would appreciate it.They visit us regularly.
Oct 21 2014
Jun 22 2014
One of a group of House Finches at the Nortel Swamp just west of Ottawa.
Jun 24 2014