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Mar 21 2019
Morrisburg - We have had Robins, Red-winged Blackbirds and geese for over a week but it is the arrival of Killdeer that says spring for me. This was my first.
Mar 22 2019
Apr 15 2018
At Brunswick Point, Delta, BC.
Apr 16 2018
Dec 23 2017
2 new occurrences: Have not see a Killdeer just before Christmas, and also not one that looked so puffed up. Tsawwassen, Canada.
Dec 24 2017
Apr 5 2016
Amherst Island - Kingston. This was luck. Watching a pair of Killdeer in their mating ritual is not something you can plan for. Before the male hopped onto her back he approached closely and she remained steady. I knew what was possible so I grabbed the camera and a few seconds later he was on top. The whole scene lasted about 10 seconds.
Apr 7 2016
May 28 2015
This is a Killdeer nest that was built in approximately a 2 foot wide patch of grass next to the parking lot at the airport in Dorval, Quebec. I'm not sure how this bird will successfully raise young in this location. My biggest concern is the continuous mowing of grass, which somehow hasn't come over this nest yet.
Jun 1 2015
Apr 3 2015
Oliver BC
Shortly after taking this photo, this Killdeer mated with another one nearby. Not sure if this is the male or female.
Apr 25 2015
May 5 2014
female, nest
This poor bird was nesting in a gravel parking lot where the boats launch.We almost stepped on her while she was sitting on eggs.
Long Point Provincial Park.
Jan 11 2015
The young one mom or dad was watching over.
Jul 19 2014
Mom or dad keeping a close watch to make sure I do not get too close to the young ones.
Jul 19 2014