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male, adult
Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary - Locally uncommon species. I'm hoping the bird finds a mate because the habitat is perfect and there are plenty of existing nest sites on the market. :)
Apr 15 2022
Nov 6 2020
female, adult
Ottawa - Tremendous luck with this bird. I was in my car watching juncos and Tree Sparrows when it dropped to the ground right in front of me, about 5 metres away. Almost too close. This is just about full frame, with a slight crop on the left.
Nov 7 2020
female, winter plummage
Bradenton Fl.
Jan 7 2020
May 22 2019
female, adult
Presqu'ile Provincial Park
May 23 2019
Jan 30 2017
female, adult
Chateauguay - Île Saint-Bernard
Feb 1 2017
Dec 6 2016
male, adult
St. Andrews West - I returned to the location where I shot the Red-bellied Woodpecker last month to see if I could get pictures in sunlight. It took some time for both the bird to appear as well as the sun but eventually it worked out.
Dec 7 2016
Nov 23 2016
male, adult
St. Andrews West
Nov 24 2016