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Sep 17 2022
summer plummage
Sep 18 2022
Nov 7 2021
# Technoparc Montreal.
Nov 8 2021
Feb 4 2021
Kingston - This is a leucistic bird with nearly pure white feathering. There is some pale beige on the underwing and under the tail but otherwise, to the untrained eye, this looks like either a white morph Gyrfalcon or a Snowy Owl. It is not a local bird, only moving into the area a few weeks ago.
Feb 5 2021
Montreal Tecnoparc
Jan 5 2020
Oct 16 2019
St. Catharines - Getting close to an adult Red-tailed, even in a vehicle is rare so this opportunity was much appreciated.
Oct 25 2019
May 13 2019
Thanks to Lou for correcting me that this was a Red-tailed Hawk and not a Swainson's dark phase. City of Rocks Reserve, Idaho.
May 24 2019
May 11 2019
Seen at Umtanum Creek, Washington.
May 20 2019
Jan 25 2018
Kingston - Wolfe Island. Our most common hawk but try to get a decent picture of an adult. This is rare.
Jan 26 2018
Nov 2 2017
Nov 4 2017