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Sep 30 2022
immature, summer plummage
Oct 8 2022
juvenile, summer plummage
Sep 30 2022
Nov 19 2021
Cornwall - One thing is for sure with birds, you always have to be ready for surprises. This is a Ring-billed Gull with excessive melanin in its genes, something that occurs far less frequently in birds than leucism, where there is a deficiency in colours, usually melanin. We know this is an adult because it was reported two years ago in the same area and looked exactly the same at that time. This is the first bird of any kind that I have encountered with such a condition. Leucistic birds (pale or white feathers) are more commonly found.
Nov 27 2021
Jul 24 2016
Inglewood Bird Sanctuary, Calgary AB
Sep 28 2016
Aug 25 2016
adult, summer plummage
Aug 26 2016
Sep 2 2014
South Jetty, Iona Regional Park, Richmond BC
Sep 3 2014
Dec 17 2012
Ubiquitous around the great lakes. This was was taken in Toronto harbour.
Jul 1 2014
Sep 1 2013
I have not had much success taking birds in flight shots. This one taken yesterday near Ottawa I was pleased with.
Sep 2 2013
"Waiting to board the boat"
Seen at Laval, on Boul. Levesque Est near Masson.
Sep 22 2012
adult, summer plummage
taken on Lake Nipissing, North-Bay Ont
Apr 21 2012