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Nov 10 2023
Long Sault - This is an uncommon fall migrant. She swam very close to a bridge and thankfully there was a pull off on the bridge. I was able to safely crouch down and wait until she swam closer.
Nov 11 2023
Mar 1 2019
Another attractive sea duck
Jan 9 2020
Nov 30 2014
Lighthouse Marine Park, Point Roberts WA
First time I've seen this Scoter on the west coast.
Dec 2 2014
Nov 8 2014
Black Scoters - one resting and one active - at Ile Ste-Hélêne, Montreal, Quebec. The birds were near a Common Loon and Greater Scaup.
Nov 12 2014
Mar 14 2013
male, adult
A fly by at Barnegat Light.
Sep 4 2013