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Dec 21 2022
adult, outside normal range
Durham - Another Western traveller, likely to spend weeks to a few months enjoying red cedar berries and wild grapes in Ontario.
Dec 22 2022
Feb 24 2022
adult, outside normal range
Washago - Feeding on crab apples. Every year one or two make it into Ontario from their BC range.
Mar 1 2022
Apr 6 2017
Hardy Falls Regional Park, Peachland BC
A very pleasant surprise as we were observing a Dipper at the Falls.
May 10 2017
Oct 4 2014
This species was very common in Rocky Mountain NP, and I even had birds get closer to me but I wasn't ready with the camera then!! I had to get away with a quite distant shot!!
Oct 7 2014
Mar 11 2014
Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver BC
I stumbled on this bird while looking for Red-breasted Sapsuckers. Never found any of those, but this was a good trade.
Mar 17 2014
Sep 8 2013
Iona Regional Park, Richmond BC
A bird I've been trying to get a photo of for years. This one was as obvious as possible at the foot of the Iona South Jetty.
Sep 9 2013
Sep 8 2013
Iona Regional Park, Richmond BC
Sep 9 2013
outside normal range
A rare bird in Quebec, the Townsend's Solitaire occasionally strays east in winter. Seen on Ile Notre Dame on January 12, 2008.
Jan 12 2008