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Sep 11 2020
winter plummage
Presqu'ile Provincial Park.
Sep 30 2020
Sep 14 2020
Ottawa - This was one of the toughest. I had it for just a few seconds.
Sep 15 2020
May 4 2020
Burns Bog Nature Reserve Delta BC
Since I've been working at home, I go for a walk in the bog most days after work. I always take a camera, but the birds have been scarce. This was my lucky day. The location is about 1 Km from where Chris now resides.
May 13 2020
Apr 19 2019
It was a bit strange but expected to see this species in the company of so many other exotic warblers. Madera Canyon, Arizona.
Jun 7 2019
May 17 2018
Long Point Provincial Park.
Sep 18 2018
Feb 27 2018
Cerro Punta.
Jul 9 2018
May 11 2018
Long Point Provincial Park.
Jun 8 2018
May 15 2018
A very faster moving species - the only workable photo I managed this season at Long Point, Ontario.
May 29 2018
May 11 2018
One of our more active warblers proves to be a challenge to catch.
Long Point provincial Park
May 23 2018