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Dec 2 2022
female, outside normal range
Bailieboro - This bird was seconds from eluding me. I had spent over an hour checking the fields and farms it had been reported in for close to a week. Others had given up and I made one final run when I spotted it about 100 metres out atop a fence. It looked like it was merely a very small bump because it was crouched in the wind. I was later able to go onto the farm property thanks to the gracious homeowner and followed the bird for a bit as it hunted for insects on the ground. It was cold so it was lucky to find some large caterpillars.
Dec 5
Hanging around (literally) with Prothonotary Warbler, chickadees, Golden and White-crowned Sparrows. Vancouver - Riverfront Park.
Dec 3
outside normal range
About the last species I'd think to see in Vancouver. He seemed to have some spider webs stuck to his back as he feverishly scoured every corner for food. Unfortunately there were several house cats around. On a good note the weather has slightly improved from snow and sub-zero temps to sunshine and above freezing - hopefully he makes his way.
Dec 3
Dec 2 2022
immature, winter plummage
Oshawa - An end of the year treat. These coastal birds show up very late in the season in very small numbers, normally along Lake Ontario. I was lucky to find two. They are very hardy and one or two may overwinter in rocky areas that don't freeze. They are notoriously tame. I just waited for them to come to me.
Dec 3
Nov 27 2022
female, adult
I think it is currently called the Asian Koel. That is what it is named on Merlin/Ebird
Nov 30
Nov 24 2022
male, adult, winter plummage
Presqu'ile Provincial Park - This is a fairly rare shot of a common winter duck on Lake Ontario. I have never seen one out of the water although I have seen thousands. The bird was about 20 metres offshore and I stealthily approached very slowly, stopping with each small advancement. I used the camera on tripod as my blind so my form would not be obvious. It worked. In fact, I could have gotten even closer but I stopped when the water reached 3/4" from the top of my rubber boots. I knew what would happen next. I'd turn around and head for shore and it would move (I was about 10 metres into the lake). As soon as I turned it headed into the water and swam away.

The best thing about this rare experience was the setting. It was perfect late afternoon light with the bird in exactly the right position.
Nov 27
Nov 15 2022
immature, outside normal range
Brighton - My fourth and likely the last Cattle Egret for the year. The bird was just north of Presqu'ile Provincial Park and I was passing only a few kilometres away so I stopped to check it out. This was a stellar year for these birds, with several dozen appearing in diverse locations, including Northern Ontario. The bird was finally driven out by snow.
Nov 23
Oct 30 2022
male, adult
A regular winter visitor to western India, they seem to suddenly appear, mostly in the last few minutes before darkness.
Nov 19
Nov 17 2022
male, adult
Ottawa - The duck, one of three, was in a city park in a pond. It had paused along the shore with a very large boulder offering a pleasing background.
Nov 19