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Birding since the late 1980s...mid 40s birder. Being out in nature and hearing the morning chorus, seeing how birds interact with their surroundings and go about their lives provides me a greater understanding of the natural environment we live in. With bird photography, every photo is different, which makes seeing the same and different species exciting.

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Mar 18 2022
What I initially thought was an Altamira Oriole was actually my second ever Hooded Oriole - Bentsen Rio Grande.
Mar 28
Mar 18 2022
Clay-coloured Robin popped up in the early morning at Bentsen-Rio Grande, Texas
Mar 23
Mar 18 2022
A true skulker in heavy undergrowth. Was lucky to get any photo at all. Bentsen-Rio Grande.
Mar 21
Mar 18 2022
A bit of an awkward photo. I was completely caught off guard seeing a Thrasher on a suet feeder - let alone a species I've never photographed. This was the only photo I managed in focus. Bentsen-Rio Grande.
Mar 20
Great to see the old friends at Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park. Brief morning walk was so busy with photo opportunities, it was hard to keep up!
Mar 20
Jan 26 2022
Winter weather is always unpredictable. With only a few minutes before sunset, a fog bank cleared and allowed some golden light through. Boundary Bay, BC.
Jan 30