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Birding since the late 1980s...mid 40s birder. Being out in nature and hearing the morning chorus, seeing how birds interact with their surroundings and go about their lives provides me a greater understanding of the natural environment we live in. With bird photography, every photo is different, which makes seeing the same and different species exciting.

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Jan 1 2024
male, immature, outside normal range
Seen at South Padre Island reserve
Jan 10
Jan 1 2024
At the South Padre Island reserve
Jan 9
Jan 1 2024
winter plummage
This was a surprise to find at South Padre Island reserve - only my second time seeing the species.
Jan 9
Jan 1 2024
outside normal range
At South Padre Island reserve, Texas
Jan 8
Dec 24 2023
At Bentsen-Rio Grande State Park, Texas
Jan 7