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Ingleside - I didn't have far to go for these birds which was nice for a change. This was my first good opportunity to work with the waxwings this winter.
Jan 31
Jan 26 2022
Winter weather is always unpredictable. With only a few minutes before sunset, a fog bank cleared and allowed some golden light through. Boundary Bay, BC.
Jan 30 2022
Dec 4 2016
outside normal range
Pitt Lake Nature Trail, Pitt Meadows BC
We had a good irruption of these birds this winter. On this day there were 100 plus at this location.
Jan 30 2017
Apr 19 2016
Ingleside - I tried in vain all winter to track down these birds. Very few in our area but many to the north. I finally located a small flock in a crabapple tree. They were very cooperative and the light was excellent.
Apr 20 2016
Dec 29 2014
outside normal range
Reifel Bird Sanctuary, Delta BC.
A life list addition for me, there are a large number of these birds in various spots in the Lower Mainland this year. I was lucky to have them land on this tree as I was heading out of the Sanctuary.
Jan 1 2015
Mar 19 2009
Bohemian Waxwings get to Southern Europe only in invasion years. In my region in Switzerland they are usually found on persimmon trees, which carry their fruit in the winter (in this photo, though, they are on a different tree since it was later in the season, no more persimmons on the trees).
Jul 15 2014
Apr 24 2011
Parc Nature Bois-de-Liesse, (QC)
Apr 26 2011
Apr 24 2011
Parc Nature Bois-de-Liesse, (QC)
Apr 25 2011
Mar 28 2009
Parc Nature Ile Bizard - 28 March 2009
Mar 29 2009
Feb 8 2009
Bohemian Waxwings,
L'Anse A L'Orme,
Feb 13 2009