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summer plummage
Aug 5 2018
Jul 4 2015
St. Anthony Nl
Love these gulls, so different from what we see on the West coast
Sep 3 2015
Oct 11 2008
Great Black-backed Gulls are quite common in the North Sea, and can be seen around every harbour, but also far offshore when foraging!
Jul 14 2014
Nov 5 2013
adult, winter plummage
Russell - this is a typical Great Black-backed adult.
Nov 25 2013
Nov 21 2013
female, adult
Russell - Sometimes even the experts need to check with the experts. Reported originally as a Lesser Black-backed Gull, this bird was referred to a more experienced birder who checked with other experts. There was talk of it possibly being a Slaty-backed Gull, an Asian species, but after lengthy review it was determined to be probably a small female Great Black-backed Gull with a very pale back. The colour is perfect for Slaty-backed but there are leg issues and it may have been a bit big for Lesser and the back too pale even for that bird. Gull identification can be a real challenge.
Nov 22 2013
Oct 9 2013
With the sun about to go below the horizon, this Great black-back was looking a bit like a light house in the middle of the St-Lawrence river at Montreal.
Oct 10 2013
Nov 5 2011
Dec 10 2011
Nov 5 2011
Nov 11 2011
Oct 10 2011
Pointe de Yamachiche, Québec
Oct 16 2011
Jan 21 2010
Goéland de Californie / Californian Gull.
Mantanzas Inlet, near Crescent Beach, Florida
Feb 25 2010