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Sep 5 2018
Seen at Boundary Bay, BC, Canada
Sep 26 2018
Sep 10 2017
My closest encounter with an American Pipit.
Sep 11 2017
St. Rose
Oct 12 2015
Jul 10 2015
Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve, NL
Sep 4 2015
Sep 16 2014
Ocean Shores, WA
Sep 22 2014
Aug 14 2010
American Pipits were also quite numerous around the village of Wales, AK.
Jul 6 2014
Alfred - hundreds feeding in the fields. White outer tail feathers visible in this shot.
Oct 3 2013
Sep 15 2012
Boundary Bay, Delta BC
Another life list addition for a bird that is common here in the fall. All I had to do was walk on the foreshore at low tide and they were running all over the place. It was hard to get a good shot as it was noon on a sunny day.
Oct 31 2012