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Hanging around (literally) with Prothonotary Warbler, chickadees, Golden and White-crowned Sparrows. Vancouver - Riverfront Park.
Dec 3 2022
Apr 30 2019
male, adult
Long Sault
May 2 2019
Oct 6 2018
Seen at Terra Nova, Richmond, BC.
Oct 9 2018
Apr 15 2018
I've never witnesses this display and the true crown on this species - so it was hard to believe when it happened. There were 2 other Ruby-crowned and 1 Golden-crowned Kinglet in the same tree, which likely lead to some agitation. Brunswick Point, Delta BC.
Apr 16 2018
Apr 15 2018
You may wonder if this was coloured in - but incredibly this was the true scene today at Brunswick Point, Delta, BC.
Apr 16 2018
Apr 8 2018
So far the Ruby-crowned Kinglet is winning the race by far over the Golden-crowned in terms of photo uploads. Bath Slough Trail, Richmond, BC.
Apr 9 2018
Oct 30 2017
female, adult
Port Burwell
Nov 4 2017