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Sep 26 2023
Cornwall - This was a case of being in the right place at the right time. I was sitting in my car by the water and the kingfisher flew up to a rock for a perfect photo setting.
Sep 27 2023
Sep 4 2018
female, adult
South Lancaster
Sep 7 2018
Aug 3 2017
female, adult
Aug 4 2017
Pres'quile Provincial Park
Sep 12 2016
female, adult
South Lancaster
Jul 15 2016
Sep 17 2015
male, adult
South Lancaster - I put in a lot of hours trying to get a shot of this bird. Very challenging.
Sep 20 2015
female, adult
I took this photo in the Humber River Park near a pond. This photo was at an unique angle to show the face right on to produce a very funny photo. This belted kingdisher was make a call, so the beaks were open.
Sep 5 2015
female, adult
Long Sault
Sep 26 2014
Oct 13 2013
Oct 14 2013