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May 5 2022
adult, summer plummage, outside normal range
Erieau - The occasional individual deviates from its western flight path that would normally take it to South Dakota or even southern Alberta. I made two attempts at photographing this individual and on the second day it was much closer, offering excellent views. The breeding plumage is stunning, right down to the ruby-red eye. I've waited a long time for this bird.
May 26
male, adult
Ottawa - This is a known bird, quite used to people, although this was my first visit in a few years. It roosts a short distance from the nest site which the female is currently occupying. When I shot the photo, the bird was cautiously watching a mother raccoon and two kits high in a tree 8 metres away. They had just emerged for a night ramble. After a couple of minutes it launched towards the raccoons and flew right at the mother's head with wings open, likely dragging his claws on her fur as he flew by, it was that close. After a couple of minutes he repeated the attack and five minutes later did it again, each time engaging her head. It was pretty dark at that point so I didn't see the final outcome but the issue is that raccoons are one of the prime predators for Screech Owl nests.

The shots were taken as darkness was setting in so this was at only 1/10 second on tripod using a remote and ISO was up to 3200 (I don't have a mirrorless camera so ISO is an issue). Many of the shots incredibly were in focus and looked not bad. I got lucky.
Apr 24
Mar 18 2022
What I initially thought was an Altamira Oriole was actually my second ever Hooded Oriole - Bentsen Rio Grande.
Mar 28
Nov 29 2021
immature, outside normal range
Toronto - A second BC bird in one day. This one has found a Toronto park to its liking.
Nov 30 2021
Nov 29 2021
immature, outside normal range
Barrie - This second year bird, a bit larger than a Herring Gull is well outside its Pacific Coast range. This is only Ontario's second bird, the first being last year.
Nov 30 2021
Mar 8 2020
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Jun 14 2021
Mar 3 2021
Val-d'Or – I was going through some of my trip files from northern Quebec earlier this month and recall the conditions when we found the ptarmigan. It was rough, a far cry from where we are today thankfully. Discovering a flock close to the road on the second day, after hours of searching was a thrill I'll always remember.
Mar 28 2021
Jan 1 1970
a brief but all consuming time together. It was over in seconds anf they flew back to waiting impala!!
Nov 19 2020
Jan 1 1970
This impressive display quicky won her over and it took just 60 seconds to lead on to.....
Nov 19 2020