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Mar 8 2020
#second smallest hummingbird
#Finca Lerida
#Alto Quiel
Jun 14
Mar 3 2021
Val-d'Or – I was going through some of my trip files from northern Quebec earlier this month and recall the conditions when we found the ptarmigan. It was rough, a far cry from where we are today thankfully. Discovering a flock close to the road on the second day, after hours of searching was a thrill I'll always remember.
Mar 28
Jan 1 1970
a brief but all consuming time together. It was over in seconds anf they flew back to waiting impala!!
Nov 19 2020
Jan 1 1970
This impressive display quicky won her over and it took just 60 seconds to lead on to.....
Nov 19 2020
Nov 16 2020
Near Whitby - This is the second record for Canada. The first was a bird in Toronto in late fall 1993. They are very rare in North America, with only six U.S. records of this South American species. It saved me a trip south :)
Nov 17 2020
Sep 14 2020
Ottawa - This was one of the toughest. I had it for just a few seconds.
Sep 15 2020
Mar 8 2020
This little darlin' is the second smallest bird in the world.
Finca Lerida,
Chiriqui province
May 27 2020
Mar 11 2020
An immature-probably second cycle
Apr 24 2020
Mar 3 2020
This probably a second or third cycle female
Apr 22 2020