Sep 9 2023
Presqu'ile Provincial Park.
Sep 17
juvenile, summer plummage
Sep 17
Sep 8 2023
female, summer plummage
Sep 16
Sep 15 2023
male, juvenile
Crysler - An uncommon to rare regional migrant. Likely a male based on the bill length. Females of both dowitcher species have longer bills.
Sep 16
Aug 31 2023
Sep 15
Whimbrel (29)
Presqu'ile Provincial Park - An uncommon migrant. There were three birds hanging around Gull Island for a few days. It meant heading out in chest waders – the water was up to waist deep for part of the walk over but worth the effort. The high wind that developed didn't help the trip back however. Last year at this time we could walk over in low boots or sandals.
Sep 14