male, adult
Guelph - part of a small overwintering flock that were feeding on remnant wild grapes and berries, including these winter berries. This plant keeps its fruit into the coldest part of the year, usually until birds clean them out.
Jan 12
Mar 13 2020
#Cocle Province
#El Valle De Anton
Jan 12
Jan 8 2022
multiple species
Somebody walking by the Boundary Bay Dyke decided to leave some seeds on a stump. It was special to see 4 species of Sparrows amongst other birds in such close quarters.
Jan 9
Jan 7 2022
This little one was looking for suet but had to wait his turn until the Flicker was done. Delta, BC.
Jan 8
Jan 7 2022
This species is funny to watch. He sticks out like a sore thumb, but is quite shy and often just sits for awhile watching other birds feed. Delta, BC
Jan 8
Jan 4 2022
Kingston - Wolfe Island. We had great luck with four Short-eared Owls today.
Jan 5